Leah Collins Age 41

Leah Collins Age 41Hi, my name is Leah Collins and I have had clear vision all my life up to about two years ago.  I was 38 years old.  I do a lot of computer work and I started noticing the screen looking a bit fuzzy.  I thought something was wrong with the computer until I started noticing it while reading papers.  This was also the time that my 11 year old son was in crisis with his father.  My son told me that his dad was smoking meth around him.  All that summer, I was in courts with lawyers fighting to protect my son.  In addition to my already stressful job,  there were new stresses on my finances with high attorney fees and scared to death about my son’s safety.  At this point, I was not fully aware how stress can effect your vision and you’re overall health.  It was the worst summer of my life!

So, I was thinking that my poor eyesight was due to me getting older.  Because, I thought that is what happens to everyone’s eyes with age.  I would have never thought my vision was affected by stress.  I went to see a Ophthalmologist doctor and I was told that I have a slight stigmatism.  The doctor reinforced my conception of aging by telling me as I get older, I will need stronger prescription glasses.  I asked the doctor when I should use my glasses and he said anytime I want to see clearly.

So I went on about my life and secured my son’s safety and about two years after I got my glasses, I noticed that while I was wearing my glasses, the computer started looking fuzzy again.  This scared me  terribly!  And I knew my eyes were getting worse just like the doctor said.  I did not want to get stronger lenses!  I wanted to believe that this was not happening to me!

So I put off making another eye doctor appointment, when Gene Younger, came into my office to inquire about putting an ad in my community’s newsletter about his Clear Vision Workshop.  I told him about my problems with my eyesight and Gene asked me to tighten my hand into a fist and asked me to try and pick up my pen.  A little puzzled, I did what he asked and of course it was too difficult to pick up the pen.  Then Gene asked me to relax my hand and pick up the pen, which I was able to do.  Gene explained to me that when I tried to pick up the pen with a tight fist it became difficult.  But with a relaxed hand, the pen was much easier to pick up.  Gene told me it was the same with the eye muscles. So I decided to sign up to his workshop to learn more about getting back my clear vision.

When I did, I was so excited to learn that I can have clear vision for the rest of my life!  I’ve always heard about positive thinking, relaxation exercises and how healthy exercises are good for the body and when I learned that Gene uses those methods to strengthen the eye muscles for clearer vision, I was eager to begin lessons!

My lessons were very exciting and fun and I was amazed how my eyesight improved.  When I told Gene that I just finished reading a book from beginning to end with no glasses, Gene gave me a High Five on the hand!  Gene’s teachings gave me so much hope and I received so much more than his teachings, I received a new friend.

Thank you, Gene for blessing my life!

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