Gene Younger
Certified Vision Educator
Advanced Bates Method Practitioner
Spiritual Mentor

I am the Father of three and Grandfather to fourteen! Don’t ever get me started talking about my kids and grandkids . . . or you’ll be sorry– I won’t shut up!

My venture into the world of seeing clearly began many years ago when I was first prescribed glasses. I never liked wearing glasses and was thrilled when I learned about the Bates Method.



Besides being trained and certified as a Natural Vision Educator, I believe that my own vision story is my first and best qualification for teaching and coaching Clear Vision . . . Naturally. The Bates Method worked for me!

My story

When I was thirty five years old I discovered that I could not read signs and see things clearly at a distance. So I went to an Optometrist who prescribed glasses. I wore glasses for almost fifteen years and had them changed to stronger prescriptions several times.

In 1984 I met Gloria Ginn in California and she introduced me to the Bates Method of Eyesight Correction. After about six months of instruction with Gloria, I could pass the motor vehicles eye test and the glasses restriction was removed from my drivers license.

With another six months of continued practice, I recovered 20/20 vision and have not worn glasses since then. I never needed glasses to read small print. I am very grateful to Dr. Bates and to Gloria Ginn for their excellent program of vision correction. I can honestly say, ‘I have had 20/20 vision for 20+ years.’ What a blessing!

Training and Certification as a Vision Educator

In 2001 it was my joy and privilege to attend the Natural Vision Teacher Training Institute in Ashville, North Carolina, and receive Vision Educator Certification.Three super Vision Educators– Elizabeth Abraham, CJ Wilson and Martha Rigney– each with many years of teaching experience, provided me with excellent training to get started right away teaching natural vision education. My roommate at the Institute was Miguel Chaaar-Navarro, O.D., now in practice in Tucson, Arizona. Miguel helped me understand many aspects of vision from a very technical nature.

I have continued to teach– and to study– Natural Vision Education for the past twenty years. I am always pleased when my students discover their own Clear Vision . . . Naturally!

More About Gene Younger

Gene’s natural vision education continued as he traveled across the country several times observing and learning from some of the best Bates Teachers in the land. These include the noted Dr. Jerriann Tabor of San Diego and a well known holistic Ophthalmologist in Malibu, California, Deborah Banker, M.D.

In honor of his work and dedication to the field of Natural Vision Education in bringing together the best ideas and practices of a wide range of teachers and disciplines, the Academy of Natural Vision Improvement certified him as an Advanced Bates Method Practitioner in 2002.

Teaching Experience:

  • University of Alabama at Huntsville: Taught three terms of Natural Vision Classes in continuing education 2002-2003
  • Private Practice: Healing Arts Center, Huntsville, AL 2001-2003
  • Private Practice: Portland. OR and Vancouver WA 2004-Present

Related Training:

  • Brain Gym (Educational Kinesiology)
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Reality Therapy
  • Aikido
  • Taoist Tai Chi
  • Reiki


  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Alabama
  • Master of Divinity, Golden Gate Seminary
  • Graduate work at University of New Mexico with Certificate in Drug and Alcohol Treatment


Gene is a member of the Association of Vision Educators.

He works closely with a local eye doctor and recommends that all of his vision students have regular eye exams and follow their medical practitioner’s advice.

Gene has helped hundreds of adults and children reduce their dependency on glasses. Most of his students eventually get free of lenses altogether.

Gene’s vision of bringing together the best ideas and practices of a wide range of teachers and disciplines has helped make his work truly ‘Holistic.’ For example, his training in Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym), has allowed him to incorporate ‘Whole Brain Learning” into his teaching. Other examples include his training in Massage, Zen Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, and the martial art, Aikido.

Gene lives in Vancouver Washington near his oldest son, David, and three of his grandchildren. When not teaching or working on Clear Vision . . . Naturally projects, he likes to spend time with his grandchildren and enjoy the outdoors of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Hobbies include photography, hiking, bicycling, working out and attending plays and movies.

Gene is a member of the YMCA and a charter member of a local Toastmasters Club. He received the Competent Communicator Award in 2007 and has served his club as Educational Vice President.

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