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(Answer given by student, Amy Morita.)

I began my clear vision training in April of 2006. At that time I had worn lenses for twenty years: nearly my entire life. I received my first lenses when I was seven years old and remained, in many ways, child-like behind the frames. I learned ways to deal with stress in those early days that would affect every moment of my life from that time forward: I began to push my stresses and problems further down inside myself, learning to run or hide from the challenges of everyday life, much as I hid behind my glasses. This method worked for me while I was young; no one knew I was struggling emotionally. Eventually, even I would forget that there was anything wrong, just as I forgot my own naturally clear vision.

Then the day came that I removed my glasses with the intent of letting them go forever. So, too, began the process of learning new ways of dealing with the inevitable stresses of life. As I began doing some simple eye exercises– swinging, blinking and breathing– new ways to cope with the world began to enter my awareness.

I have since experienced many ‘alternative’ ways to heal and to live. For instance, I gave birth to my third child at home in my own bedroom. The experience alone was incredible. I felt comfortable and supported– without drugs or other hospital interventions– through some of the most intense pain a person can endure, and had the added benefit of healing in record time. I was up and functioning the very next day feeling strong and alive. Recovering from my first two hospital births was not nearly as easy.

I also began to suffer from symptoms of colitis. This tragic disease has run wild in my family and seized a great deal of familial intestines by way of the surgical knife. Colitis usually plagues the affected person on a daily basis. Conventional medicine employs steroids and/or surgery as the only effective treatments, and there is no cure. I was lucky to have had the choice to deal with this ‘dis-ease’ in another way: naturally. I was referred to a wonderful Naturopath who helped me to rebuild and strengthen my immune system so that it resumes its’ natural ability to remove toxins from my body. Within three months I was symptom-free and back to my normal life.

Using natural remedies to manage stressful situations leaves me with peace of mind. I feel empowered and cared for. In each instance, I was treated as an individual that was capable of finding health, as I defined health. The ability to search for my own ‘right’ answer is the most important change in my life since beginning my natural vision training.

Now I recognize disease as ‘dis-ease.’ The fear that was once associated with illness has turned into a desire to find ‘ease,’ or peace. When I look into my children’s faces now, I am not afraid of them being sick. I know they will have challenges in their lives and I feel empowered to know I need only teach them to search for the ‘ease’ in disease. I know I can best teach them this essential concept by being a living example.

In the past I have often wondered, ‘What is the point of life?’ I saw disease everywhere I turned. I saw the heartache and pain associated with illness. I even experienced the desire to ‘end it’ rather than heal it when my sister took her own life. I have indeed seen my share of sadness. Now I know the answer to my question. For me, life is about seeking peace for myself, and helping anyone who asks by honestly sharing my findings. My search for clear vision and good health, and my desire to offer my children a better life, gives me confidence in my purpose. My life has more meaning as a direct result of my desire for clear and natural eyesight.

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Amy Morita

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