Caleb Foster, Age 12

Caleb Foster, Age 12

Before I heard about Mr. Younger I had regular glasses for a long time and then actually I got bifocals, which is what old people have to wear. I got tired of playing dodge ball and getting hit in the face with my glasses falling off all the time. They would get dirty and everything and it just got on my nerves. Sometimes I would get called names like ‘four eyes’ when I was younger.

When my mom found out about the Bates Method and Mr. Younger on the web she took me to see him at the Healing Arts Center in Huntsville, Alabama. I immediately began taking lessons and doing the exercises and games that he showed me. My vision really improved a lot after only about four lessons.

I never wore glasses anymore after the fourth or fifth lesson. Like Mr. Younger said, when I exercised my eyes it got easier and easier. I kept doing the things that Mr. Younger showed me but I think the real important part was taking off my glasses and exercising my vision.

And that just helped a whole lot.

My vision kept getting better and better until today I am told I have 20×20 vision. I was able to play baseball the next summer and actually pitched a couple of games. I seldom missed catching the ball and never got hit by the ball again.

This year I have been pitching and it is a lot easier without glasses. I can see the baseball when they throw it to me. I did pitch some that first year but more the second year. And this year I pitched a whole lot. This really helped my recreation as I have had a whole lot of fun that I would not have had with glasses.

I started taking lessons from Mr. Younger when I was ten years old and had been wearing glasses since I was five years old. I am now twelve years old and have not worn glasses for more than two years.

I enjoy a lot of reading and actually organized a book study club at my school. I make straight ‘A’s in school and I am planning my future without glasses. I can’t help but notice more and more of my friends wearing glasses every year and some of them now are even wearing contacts. They just don’t know about the Bates Method and improving your own vision.

But the best thing about not having to wear glasses is that it builds up your self-esteem. I used to take off my glasses for class pictures and stuff. This year one of my friends took off his glasses for his picture and I didn’t have to. It really builds your confidence up. I don’t think I will ever wear glasses again because when I feel my eyes getting a little tired, I just stop and do one of the exercises that I was taught.

Oh yeah, I don’t have to do eye exercises every day anymore. To tell you the truth, I probably do them once or twice a month because seeing is just a lot easier. I don’t think about it much anymore and am very happy with how I see.

I recommend this for other kids too. It doesn’t really matter what age you are you can do it! It will work when you do the exercises and play the vision games. And also I was told that I had astigmatism and if a person with astigmatism can do it anyone can. My mother was concerned too because one of my eyes used to turn in sometimes. We played some special games and it doesn’t turn in anymore. My parents helped me a lot and they are very happy that I don’t have to wear glasses anymore. They came to lessons and helped me at home with the vision games. I couldn’t have done it without my mom and dad but I couldn’t have done without Mr. Younger either.

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