Dr. Robert C. Mayer, D.C

DR. ROBERT MAYER, D.C.Dr. Robert C. Mayer, D.CI went hunting the last two weekends in a row and no longer wear glasses. It’s just absolutely amazing how well I did shooting pheasants on the wing. It’s amazing. These are real birds, whole wild birds, fast flying birds. I was dusting them all over the place.

This is the first time I have been hunting since I began my clear vision training. I really surprised myself. My son made a remark too. I said, “Do you see that guy over there on the hill?’ He couldn’t see him in spite of the fact that he was wearing a bright orange vest and everything.

I am so excited about my vision training. I have never ever noticed that much of a marked difference. The other thing I noticed is my confidence in my night vision now without glasses.

My confidence level exceeded my expectations. I am very happy with the training I have received from Gene Younger and highly recommend it to anyone interested in improving his or her vision.

Dr. Robert C. Mayer, D.C., Mayer Chiropractic Clinic, Vancouver

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