How to Improve Eyesight

How To Improve Your Eyesight:

Clear Vision Naturally is an educational process using the Bates Method of Eyesight Correction designed to help restore good vision habits and bring clarity into one’s vision. A wonderful side effect is that the training usually helps bring clarity into many aspects of one’s life, as well.

The Bates Method is not intended to replace regular exams by your qualified medical practitioner. The following explanation is solely for educational purposes and is written from a layperson’s viewpoint. From a purely physical standpoint, about 95% of all people are born with healthy eyes. This explanation is intended for those 95% who have healthy eyes in good working order.

Clear Vision Naturally teaches better eyesight without glasses using the original ‘Bates Method’ as a foundation. Other methods and disciplines are added to the process to make Clear Vision Naturally a truly holistic approach.

Dr. William H. Bates, a pioneer ophthalmologist, researcher and teacher questioned the current theories and practices of his day. Through his research using people with good vision as a guide, Dr. Bates sought to discover what was different about their vision from those who had poor vision and wore glasses. This research resulted in his setting aside the standard vision theories and developing a methodology to teach people how to see a new way.

Dr. Bates theorized that poor eyesight is primarily primarily by three things:

  1. Stress or mental strain
  2. Poor Vision Habits
  3. Wearing glasses.

Additionally, Dr. Bates came to believe that the cause of poor vision was not in the lens of the eyeball, but in the length and shape of the eyeball. While he already knew that the myopic or nearsighted eye was too long, causing the image to fall in front of the retina, he had never considered what caused this phenomena. And while he already understood that the hyperopic eye, farsighted eye and presbyopic eye are too short, causing the image to fall behind the retina, he had not studied exactly how this circumstance occurred.

His research with people who had good vision, as well as researching the vision of rabbits and of fish, caused him to conclude that– in most cases– the shape of the eyeball is the true origin of unclear vision and poor eyesight. The shape of the eyeball is controlled by tensing and releasing six muscles on the outside of each eyeball, known as the ‘extra ocular’ muscles. This muscular tension in turn influences the shape of the cornea and, thus, the shape and thickness of the lens.

While the current medical model of his day– and of ours’– merely addresses the symtom of poor vision (i.e. only the lens of the eyeball), the Bates Method deals with relaxing and strengthening the extra ocular muscles, and working directly with the Mind/Brain where all vision really takes place.

The common theory is that we see about 90% with our eyes and only about 10% with our Mind/Brains. Bates thought ‘outside the box’ and believed that we actually see about 90% with the Mind/Brain and only about 10% with the eyes. Vision from this perspective in more mental, emotional and psychological than merely physical, mechanical and biological.

We are talking about the healthy eyes with everything in good working order. About 95% of people are born with healthy eyes, physically speaking.

Relaxation is the first principle of improving one’s eyesight. With a strained visual system we can neither see perfectly up close nor at a distance. Dr. Bates observed that unconscious mental strain was the major cause of poor vision. So he developed techniques to relieve this mental strain and allow good vision to occur naturally.

During Natural Vision Improvement training, activities and exercises are taught that encourage the good vision habits that most students once experienced. Vision is considered a behavior and behaviors can be changed and recreated. While some Special Time is set aside at first to learn and ‘lock in’ these good vision habits, you will gradually find the activities and exercises incorporated into the daily rhythm of your life.

Dr. Bates discovered that the normal fixation of the eye is central but never stationary. He developed techniques to assist one to use more Central Vision and thereby send clearer and stronger signals to the Mind/Brain where vision actually occurs.

Wearing artificial lenses (glasses or contacts) puts an extra strain on the eyes and actually makes it impossible for them to do their work naturally. Students are encouraged to release their dependency on glasses or contacts as soon as possible. Sometimes a weaker Rx is seen as a way of ‘backing out’ of lenses. Assistance by a competent and understanding eye doctor is usually necessary for this process. Referrals to ‘Bates-Friendly’ doctors are made accordingly.

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