Nutrition and Eyesight

Nutrition & Eyesight

The connection between good nutrition & clear natural vision is absolute. Clear vision and good eyesight involves the mind, the body and the spirit. We see mostly with our mind/brain while we use our body, especially our eyes. Vibrant health provides the best environment for clarity of vision.

Nutrition plays a major role in both eyesight and eye health. Nutrition may be just as important as doing ‘eye exercises’ & living a stress-free life. One prominent vision educator indicates that more than 25% of the nutrients we get from food goes to support our ‘visual systems,’ which include the eyes as well as all of the nerves, blood vessels and lobes of the brain where vision really takes place.

Maintaining good eye health also includes not having such problems as cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma and dry eyes.

Historic Nutrition/Eyesight Connections

In his book, Better Sight Without Glasses, first published in 1928, Harry Benjamin attributes a change in his diet as a major factor in the recovery of his eyesight. He had experienced extreme myopia with his prescription finally reaching -18 diopters, and could not even read Dr. Bates’ book but had to have it read to him.

Practicing the Bates Method, he attained a great improvement in his eyesight but eventually reached a plateau. However, once he went on a diet of mostly fresh raw fruits and green vegetables he continued to improve and correct his vision.

Getting his natural vision back inspired Benjamin to become a naturopathic physician, and later, a Bates Method instructor. One of the earliest Bates teachers in England understood the value of nutrition for better eyesight.

The Vision Diet

What is meant by ‘good’ nutrition? Primarily, good nutrition is about maintaining a balanced diet. We know that eating a variety of whole foods is essential. Some of the best sources of whole food nutrition is found in raw fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts.

Eating a variety of whole foods– and omitting sweets and other junk foods– helps the body assimilate a wide range of nutrients. We lose chromium and B vitamins as our body attempts to process white sugar. Medications, preservatives and caffeine all deplete essential vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy eyes and good vision.

Getting all of the necessary nutrients from food alone is probably not possible in today’s world. Supplements specific to eye health and clear vision are highly recommended.

Many holistic ophthalmologists recommend lutein (pronounced LOO-teen), a carotenoid, meaning a natural colorant or pigment, found in dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, romaine, collards, plus various fruits and corn. Lutein– an important antioxodent– provides nutritional support to our eyes and skin.

The recommended daily amount for lutein is approximately 6 – 10 mg. Even eating a balanced diet, most people do not consume enough foods rich in lutein (for example, a large bowl of spinach contains about 6 mg of lutein).

But simply taking supplements and eating good foods may not provide enough nutrition to maintain and improve eye health.

Wheat Grass

These is plenty of evidence that drinking wheat grass juice strengthens the immunity system and reduces the possibility of illness or disease, including the eye health.

Green Smoothies for Eye and Whole Body Health

Drinking your greens may be the answer to boost nutritional levels to a new high. The benefits of greens are numerous, yet consuming enough greens is challenging, if not impossible. Greens are densely packed with nutrients, have an alkalizing effect on the body, provide amino acids and fiber, and can fortify our bodies with the healing powers of chlorophyll.

Making greens palatable is really quite simple: blend your favorite fruits with a couple handfuls of a variety of fresh greens & water. Sweet & delicious, these green smoothies will change your life. Cravings disappear, weight regulates, eye health improves, energy increases– the benefits are many. [Please check out my blog for further benefits of adding green smoothies to your diet, as well as easy smoothie recipes].

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