Preliminary Vision Assessment

Preliminary Vision Assessment

The most valuable investment you can make for your clear vision and for your life is to have a Preliminary Vision Assessment.

The Preliminary Vision Assessment determines whether or not you are a good candidate for improving your clear natural vision using the Bates Method.
During this extensive interview, we will cover the following:

You will be guided to check your own vision, up close and at a distance. You are shown how to check for astigmatism and eye teaming. You will be referred to a ‘holistic’ Optometrist (eye doctor) in the local Portland, Oregon metro area who sees all of Gene’s students upon request.

We will look at look at some of the possible contributing factors that led to your vision situation.

We will survey lifestyle issues related to vision, including: general health, medical conditions, diet, exercise and your professional life.

We will examine possible indicators of openness and amenability to Clear Vision Naturally training. Participation in personal growth trainings, counseling, transformational work, spiritual practices and alternative medical care point toward success in vision correction activities.

We will explore previous successful behavior changes and how you made them. This will include your learning style and your daily routine matrix.

You will get in touch with your motivation for vision improvement.

We will set realistic vision goals for improvement, including: a time line, a measurable positive change, and how many lessons you might expect in light of your motivation and your vision goals.

We will calculate a cost-to-benefits analysis of Clear Vision Naturally training, both for the short term, as well as for a lifetime.

When the Preliminary Vision Assessment interview is complete, you will know if Clear Vision Naturally training is for you. Please contact us for details and to schedule your Preliminary Vision Assessment Interview.

Gene Younger, Certified Vision Educator