Success Stories

Success Stories

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Does Clear Vision Naturally Work?

Amy Morita
Does it work? No one can tell me it’s not working. Slowly but surely I see clearer and clearer and this fills me with more and more joy. I know that the flashes of clarity I get with out lenses will eventually become my permanent reality some day soon… Read more

Caleb Foster, Age 12
Before I heard about Mr. Younger I had regular glasses for a long time and then actually I got bifocals, which is what old people have to wear. I got tired of playing dodge ball and getting hit in the face with my glasses falling off all the time… Read more

Dr. Robert C. Mayer, D.C.
Read how Dr. Mayer healed his vision with the Bates Method and was able to hunt without glasses… Read more

Leah Collins Age 41
Hi, my name is Leah Collins and I have had clear vision all my life up to about two years ago. I was 38 years old. I do a lot of computer work and I started noticing the screen looking a bit fuzzy… Read more

Nancy Thursten
I took off my glasses and gained the world. All of the sudden, nature was freed from the rimmed framing of lenses and the world seemed higher and wider than I’d seen for years… Read more

Jacklyn A, Portland Oregon
“I used to wear trifocals. Ever since I took 2 classes from Gene Younger on healing my vision using the Bates Eye Method, I no longer need my trifocals! All it took from me was a belief in clear vision and a willingness to do the program. I allowed my return to whole vision. Thank you, Gene!”

Deidre P

Hello Gene!
I have had you in thought so often. I’ve been amazed lately at the 20/20 vision I’m experiencing. I am still practicing and being very flexible to what my life holds each day. I am not giving up.

It’s hard to believe a year ago I took off my glasses for the first time, being so blind that I was seeing 20/400 with a severe astigmatism, and now I see each day. No headaches, no strain, just times of perfect clarity. As I type this note to you, something that has always challenged me, I am seeing the words-letters-whiteness come into perfect clarity. I know I can see perfectly each day.

I know that some days I still allow the hustle and bustle to blur my perfect vision. If I had to guess, even on my worst days my vision is 20/40. That is a huge improvement and the colors have made this process a perfect reward.

Please continue, Gene, helping people find their sight again. Help them to realize the world is right here and now waiting for them to relax and allow sight to come.

Hope you are well. I think we’ll be seeing each other again REALLY soon.

Deidre P. (Portland, Oregon)

Arlene R

I just want to let you know that those few lessons I took from you about 2 or 3 years ago have really helped. I sure want more. I really heard what you said about wearing glasses, and have been wearing them less and less.

At this time, I only use them occasionally to read small print. Every time I’ve had my eyes checked since then, I’ve had my glasses changed because of ‘improved’ vision.

My eyesight is getting better, slowly and progressively. Just had another check-up last week and had another improvement.

Thank you so very much,
Arlene R. (Vancouver, Washington)

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